The CAMUS Family of gas fired residential, commercial and industrial high efficiency, condensing, and non-condensing boilers & hydronic water heaters.

Krok Center - Green Bay, WI

5 DynaForce units (total of 10.5 Million BTU)

Krok Center

Florida Healthcare Show

Camus Trailer Wins "Best in Show" Award - October 2012

Florida Healthcard Show Booth

Disney Blizzard Beach - Orlando, FL

4 DynaFlame units (5000 BTUH)

Brevard Community College - Cocoa Beach, FL

3 DynaFlame units (5000 BTUH)

Hilton Garden Inn - Albany, NY

Camus Rep: JW Stevens

Old Sears Building / Midtown Exchange - Minneapolis, MN

9 DynaFlame units (3000 BTUH)

Camus Rep: Water Heaters Only

Ministry of the Environment Building - Toronto, ON

3 DynaFlame units (5000 BTUH), 3 DynaFlame units (2500 BTUH), 2 DynaFlame units (1100 BTUH)

Camus Rep: Trillium Hydronics Ltd.


Dominion Public Building and Toronto Customs House - Toronto, ON

3 DynaForce units (2500 BTUH), 1 DynaForce unit (600 BTUH)

Lakeview Sewage Treatment Plant - Mississauga, ON

3 DynaFlame units (5000 BTUH)

Seniors Residence - 717 Broadview Ave. - Toronto, ON

2 DFX units (500 BTUH), 2 DynaMax units (501 BTUH), 2 DynaMax units (702 BTUH)

Camus Rep: Trillium Hydronics Ltd.


Robert Mondavi Winery - Woodbridge, CA 

University of Wyoming - Laramie, WY

Camus Rep: McNevin Company

SPX Cooling Technologies Plant - Overland Park, KS

3 DynaForce units (4500 BTUH)

Camus Rep: J.M. O'Connor, Inc.

Mary Morgan Elementary School - Byron, IL

3 DynaFlame units (2500 BTUH)

Burke Plaza - Lincoln, NE

2 MicoFlame Water Heaters on stands

Camus Rep: B.G. Peterson Company

Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory - NE

2 Advantus units (2,500 BTUH)

Camus Rep: B.G. Peterson Company

Southlake Village - Lincoln, NE

2 DynaMax units (800 BTUH)

Camus Rep: B.G. Peterson Company

Black Hills Energy - Papillion, NE

3 DynaForce units (1400 BTUH)

Camus Rep: B.G. Peterson Company

T.Wall Properties, Office Building - Madison, WI

Portage Elementary School - Portage, WI

University of Wisconsin, DeForest-Windsor Clinic - Windsor, WI

Fox West YMCA - Greenville, WI

Woodside Lutheran Nursing Home - Green Bay, WI